It’s safe to say most games companies start with a singular goal in mind. A group of like minded individuals gather to make a vision come true. We each bring our own skills and ideas to the table to create something fun, relatable and unique. Together we strive to make quality games that we ourselves would like to play. Elite Crows want to give you an enjoyable experience, while telling a story and testing your skills as a gamer.

We specialize in 2D games. Mostly because Sarah ‘Chewablebliss’ Walker is our only artist and is too lazy to learn 3D stuff (she TOTALLY didn’t write this and is going mad with power). We wish to expand our members eventually and hope to one day make all sorts of games. From text adventures to virtual reality we want to bring our visions to all forms of media for people to enjoy.

If it wasn’t clear already we make games for many reasons. Sometime’s the type of game we wish to play ourselves just isn’t out there. Sometimes we have a vision we want to share with the world. And sometimes we just want to push ourselves to see what we can do!~

We hope you check back here periodically to see what progress we have made and we’d like to thank you for your support in the future!

Elite Crows is currently creating Adventures of Mork, a fast-paced 2D platformer game.